Word Password Recovery

Word Password Recovery is a tool that can be used to remove or recover the password on Word documents that prevents you from changing or opening the file. It is one of famous Word document password recovery tool used worldwide.

Part 1. What is Word Password Recovery?

Word Password Recovery is a powerful tool to recover Word password and remove restrictions from Word documents. It will allow you to recover password of Word 2003-2019 files in just a few clicks. It is a dependable tool to recover passwords of locked Word documents or remove editing and formatting restrictions of Word file without password.

It is easy to use and efficient with high speed of password recovery. It has four specialized attack methods: Dictionary, Mask, Brute-force, and Combination methods to help you recover Word file password. It also provides an easy interface to make the recovery process easy for new users.

Here are a few of many benefits of Word Password Recovery:

  • The tool offers flexibility while recovering the Word file password, make it fast and easy without messing your saved data in the Word document.
  • Word password recovery can be done in three simple steps because the tool is super easy.
  • Besides Word password recovery, this tool can help remove restrictions on Word documents. You can easily edit, format, or copy the data in a word file without password.
  • It is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word including the advanced version of 2019.
  • The tool is well-known for its fastest recovery speed.
  • You can save the recovery process and resume it later. So there is no need to worry about cracking or losing recovery data.

Part 2. Who Should Get A Word Password Recovery?

Word Password Recovery can be used by those people who want to:

  • Open encrypted Word files
  • Edit locked Word file
  • Remove the formatting of a Word file
  • Edit restrictions of a Word file without password
  • Recover Word password
  • Change the format of Word file
  • Delete content in lock Word file

Part 3. Key Features of Word Password Recovery

1. Recover Passwords

The double functionality of Word Password Recovery made it a useful tool. First, the "Recover Passwords" feature offers four powerful methods for Word password recovery including Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack, Brute Force Attack, and Combination Attack.

Mask attack will work best if you can remember anything about the forgotten password. The Dictionary attack will browse via different dictionary words and combine the characters to recover the password. It is advised to download a general Dictionary on your computer for better results. The Brute-force attack will try removing the Word password by using different methods. It is suitable when you don’t remember any detail of your Word password. The combination method is a mixed method that uses a combination of various methods for Word password recovery.

2. Remove Restrictions

To remove editing, formatting, or access restrictions of a Word file, you can use the "Remove Restrictions" feature. You can enjoy full access in your Word file by using this. Word Password Recovery is one of its own kind because you will find it both a restrictions remover and decryption tool in just one tool.

Part 4. 4 Intelligent Password Attacks

The tool can be used as Word password breaker or Word password remover because it can easily recover Word password. For Word password recovery, it uses four different methods such as:

  • Dictionary attack: Word Password Recovery has a built-in default dictionary that uses all the combinations of different characters on a list for Word password recovery.
  • Mask attack: Mask attack is suitable for those who remember half or some of their passwords.
  • Brute-force attack: This is a long process as it will try all the possible combinations to retrieve your Word password. The method is appropriate for those who do not remember their full password.
  • Combination attack: As the name suggests, the method uses a combination of symbols, numbers, and letters of your choice. For example, if you will choose f, a, and t as letters, the method will combine them like fat, taf, fta, atf, tfa, and many more until the password is recovered.

Part 5. The Fastest Speed to Recover Word Password

Word Password Recovery is known for its fastest speed for as Word password recovery software. GPU and CPU acceleration technology made the recovery faster. You may find many other methods for Word password recovery, but the fastest speed is not guaranteed. To save your precious time and regain quick access to your word files, you can use the Word Password Recovery.

Part 6. Recover Word Password with the Highest Recovery Rate

Word Password Recovery has the highest recovery rate because of its advanced algorithm. Many customers suggest the high recovery rate in Word password recovery.

Part 7. Simple 3 Steps to Recover Word Password

Here are the three simple steps to recover Word password:

  • Step 1: Select Recover Passwords
  • Step 2: Select the Target Word File and Choose Recovery Method
  • Step 3: Recover Word Password

Part 8. User Reviews of Word Password Recovery

Here are some reviews from customers for Word Password Recovery:

  • The software is very easy to use and comfortable. It saved my time and recovered my Word file in no time.
  • I don’t know how I forgot my Word document password. But luckily, I got to know about Word Password Recovery. I hesitated at first but when I took the risk of using it, I loved it. It recovered my password immediately. Highly recommended.
  • Not only the Word Password Recovery software is well-structured to recover Word files but its customer support is also very nice as they helped me with my locked Word documents. I like it.
  • I tried 5 online applications to recover my Word file password and honestly I would say the best one is this Word Password Recovery.
  • I tried and tested Word Password Recovery five times. I would give it 8/10 marks. It’s better than many other tools offering Word password recovery.

Part 9. How to Use Word Password Recovery

This Word password breaker can be used for both recovering Word password and removing restrictions. Here is a detail of both the features of Word Password Recovery:

Part 1: How to Recover Password for Words

Here are the steps to recover Words password with Word Password Recovery:

Step 1: Select Recovery Mode

  • Install Word Password Recovery on your computer.
  • After installation, Run it.
  • Choose the "Recover Passwords" option.
recover passwords for word

Step 2: Choose Attack Method

  • Press the Add button to import the Word document file.
  • You will be given four attack methods for Word password recovery.

Note: You can choose an attack method based on what you remember about the Word password such as length, characters, and letters.

choose attack method for word password recovery
  • Dictionary Attack: This method uses a default dictionary to recover Word password in the combination of different words. For fast recovery, you must have a dictionary on your computer.
  • Mask Attack: This method is suitable if you remember some or half of your Word passwords such as length, letters, symbols, numbers, the prefix/suffix, characters, and any other special characters.
  • Brute-Force Attack: This method is a life savior for all those who don’t remember anything about their Word password. It will run and try a lot of possibilities to recover password of Word files. However, this method will take a relatively long time to recover Word password.
  • Combination Attack: This method is a combination of various methods in which the combination of random words and letters will recover Word file password.

Step 3: Recover Password

  • After selecting the attack method, finish configuring the settings.
  • Press on the “Recover” button.
  • Wait for it to recover Word password. The time taken to finish the recovery depends on the chosen method.
word password has been recovered

Part 2: How to Remove Restriction from Word Files

You can remove restriction from Word documents with Word Password Recovery. Here are the steps to remove Word restrictions:

Step 1:

  • Run Word Password Recovery.
  • Select the option of "Remove Restriction."
remove restrictions for word

Step 2:

  • Use the Import File option to add the password-protected Word document.
  • Once the file is added, click on the "Remove" button.
word restrictions remover

Step 3:

  • At this stage, the Word restrictions will be removed.
  • You can easily edit the Word document here.
word retrictions has been removed

The Word Password Recovery is this simple to recover the Word password or remove restrictions from Word documents.


If you are looking for a Word password recovery in the form of a Word password breaker, then Word Password Recovery is the best solution. The reason is its easy-to-use properties along with reliability and efficiency in recovering password for Word documents. It will always work for Word password recovery regardless of the length and complexity of the password since it uses four different attack methods to help you in Word password recovery.