Excel Password Recovery

In a situation like that when you are stuck in forgotten Excel password problem, there comes a real Excel password breaker to help you which is called Excel Password Recovery.

Part 1. What is Excel Password Recovery?

Excel Password Recovery is the most effective Excel Sheet Password Remover among all of the other recovery tools available online. Basically, it uses four powerful attack techniques to find your forgotten password. Moreover, when we see at the interface of Excel Password Recovery, it is really very user-friendly that allows you to find your lost password with just a few clicks. People who have lost their Excel file password which contains very important data inside it and they want to unlock it as soon as possible, Excel Password Recovery is the best recovery software that can truly help them out.

Part 2. Who Should Get A Excel Password Recovery?

The first thing about Excel password recovery is you should know that either you are in need of recovery software or not? Because sometimes it could be a misunderstanding of some kind of system error. So here are some necessary checks before going for the Excel Password Recovery.

Password check:

First of all, try to remember your password by entering the most often used passwords. If it doesn’t work then enter the commonly used passwords as an attempt before moving toward recovery tool.

Re-open the Excel file:

It might be possible that you have mistakenly opened another file which is also password protected and you are putting the wrong password on it or it may be temporary file error so it would be better to recheck the file and if you the file is exact then try once to reopen it.

Reboot PC:

This may be because your system has stuck due to internal error or big workload. Whatever the reason is, try to reboot your system and then open the password-protected file.

Update Office:

If you are using outdated Windows or Office then this kind of error may occur. Upgrade your Windows or Office to the latest version and then try to open the file again.

If you have tried all the above scenarios but still facing the same situation then you are definitely in need of Password Recovery Tool which is no one except Excel Password Recovery.

Also, you should be looking for Excel Password Recovery if:

  • If you forgot the Excelfile password and unable to remember it.
  • Unable to copy the worksheet or workbook.
  • Unable to edit password of locked Excel
  • Unable to print workbook or worksheet.

Part 3. Key Features of Excel Password Recovery

There are two basic features that make it different from other tools.

Recover Passwords:

Excel Password Recovery is capable to recover locked Excel file password without deleting the data inside the locked sheet and provides with 100% satisfactory results.

Remove Restrictions:

When an Excel sheet is locked it means that we are unable to perform any action (read, delete, insert, print, and edit) on rows and columns. Excel Password Recovery software also removes these restrictions after unlocking the password from that locked file.

However, the other highlighted features are:

  • Highly recommended by well-known media sites, including Macworld, Makeuseof, PC World, etc.
  • Effectively removes the Excelfile password to open and view it.
  • 100% guaranteed results.
  • It features 4 attack types namely Dictionary Attack, Mask Attack and Brute force Attack to shorten the recovery time.
  • Easy to use and intelligible user interface.
  • It supports Microsoft Excelversions up to 2003 to 2019.

Part 4. 4 Intelligent Password Attacks

The specialty of Excel Password Recovery is it uses four attacking methods to unlock locked Excel files. The attacking methods are named as:

  1. Dictionary Attack
  2. Combination Attack
  3. Mask Attack
  4. Brute-Force Attack

Part 5. The Fastest Speed to Recover Excel Password

Another amazing thing about Excel Password Recovery which makes it incredible is its recovery speed. You just click on the password reset button and it’s done with cracking your locked Excel file password within a few seconds and this is absolute because of the latest technology.

To quickly accelerate the Excel password recovery speed, it uses multicore CPU and GPU which in result gives the 10X faster speed than other recovery tools.

Part 6. Recover Excel Password with the Highest Recovery Rate

Excel Password Recovery not only commits but also provides the highest recovery rate when compared with other recovery tools. It’s unlocking techniques run thousands of algorithms within seconds and gives 100% guaranteed results.

Moreover, the additional feature is you can quit the application anytime even when the recovery in in-process and then next time when you open the application it will start from the exact same location.

Part 7. Simple 3 Steps to Recover Excel Password

Unlike other Excel password breakers which consist of a series of steps in order to recover the locked Excel file, Excel Password Recovery totally consists of 3 simple steps. By this, you can recover a lost password within a matter of seconds. Here are the simple steps to follow:

  • Choose Recovery Mode
  • Add the Encrypted ExcelFile
  • Recover ExcelPassword

Part 8. User Reviews

From a list of user reviews, I am going to reveal some top reviews related to Excel Password Recovery and these reviews show the performance record of this software. Have a look on below mentioned some of the user reviews.

  • The Excel Password Recoveryis easy to use and can get you back into your computer promptly. – By Bob Winters
  • I forgot my opening password to my Excel And my friend sends me the download link of Excel Password Recovery. To my surprise, I found my password finally.- By Justin Fox
  • Finally, I got my Excelopening password with this powerful program. I really can’t believe that! I can successfully have access to my Excel file now! Thanks a lot! – By Paul Stutz

Part 9. How to Use Excel Password Recovery

I think now you may have got an idea about Excel Password Recovery from all the above discussion that it truly uses the advanced technology as well as smart features to reset the Excel file password within seconds.

However, it facilitates its users with two kinds of recovery mechanisms.

  • How to Retrieve Opening Password of ExcelFile
  • How to Remove Restrictions from ExcelWorksheet/Workbook

Hence, we are discussing here Excel Password Recovery so let’s dive into the topic details to find how Excel Password Recovery actually works.

After downloading the Excel Password Recovery, launch the application, and the main user interface will appear in front of you. From the main screen, choose the mode of “Recover Password” and drop your password-protected Excel file at the screen of the Excel Password Recovery. Hit the “Add” button and it will ask you to select a file on your system.

choose recover password mode for excel mode for excel

Again, press the “+” icon from the screen so that you can add the locked Excel file whose password is to be recovered. After putting the file into the software, select a recovery method.

choose attack type for excel

You know that Excel Password Recovery uses 4 encryption algorithms to unlock Excel files. Read the functionality of each encryption technique first and then choose one among them according to your needs.

1. Dictionary Attack

A dictionary attack method is extensively used to unlock different kinds of files. It checks all possible combinations to find the password. You can also provide your own dictionary password from the settings.

2. Combination Attack

Customize your password aspects and this method joins thousands of combinations to find your password.

3. Mask Attack

This method is helpful if you have a little bit of a clue regarding the lost password. If you even have an idea about possible combinations, you are recommended to use this software and it will try to recover your password according to your instructions. As you already provide some clues about the password so this method works fast.

4. Brute Force Attack

If you are quite unfamiliar with the password then this method can help you to find your lost Excel file password. It is the most advanced method to recover password so it could take a little longer to find the password.

As soon as you select the attack method, the program will immediately start retrieving the password for your Excel file. And when the password is found, it will be shown on your screen. You can use this new password to unlock the Excel file password.

recover excel password


As we all know, password protection is a very secure and easy way to keep the data hide from others. When you have diplomatic or some kind of sensitive data inside your Excel files. it is recommended to use a password to make them protected. However. if you accidentally forget that password, Excel Password Recovery would be a  handy tool.